How to PROPERLY Clean Plexiglass

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Plexiglass, also known as acrylic, is basically a lightweight glass substitute. We mainly use plexiglass in frames larger that 12” x16” because we have found that it is less likely to break while in transit. Plexiglass offers the same crystal-clear coverage as glass, is less susceptible to glare, and is flexible, which makes it great for shipping. 

The plexiglass included with your frame has a protective film on both sides that needs to be peeled away. Please note: the film may appear clear, blue, or brown. Upon removal, your plexiglass should be free of dust, smudges, or any defects. If you find any defects in the plexiglass after removing the film, please visit our FAQ page.

When cleaning plexiglass, it is important to remember that as convenient and versatile as it is, it is sensitive. Therefore, avoid abrasive materials, ammonia, and scented cleaners.

Do not use a dry cloth, duster, or your bare hand to remove excess dirt or dust from plexiglass. This may cause scratching and can possible grind the particles into the acrylic. Instead, blow the dust or dirt, or use a blow dryer on the lowest, coolest setting (never apply heat to plexiglass). If you use the blow dryer method, hold it several inches away at an angle and slowly move side-to-side as you make your way down the surface.

After removing particles, use an acrylic cleaner such as Blue Ribbon Plexi Cleaner. Never use ammonia, all-purpose cleaners, alcohol, or anything scented. 

For you DIY types, a mild dish soap and water solution works well too here is our favorite DIY Acrylic Cleaner Recipe. Use a soft, lint-free cloth (microfiber, terry cloth, cotton flannel, or any non-abrasive cloth) to wipe the area. Make sure to only wipe where there is cleanand, again, never use a dry cloth on dry plexiglass.

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